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Teaming up with SexJazz in the underground lair of the Vic are local Psych/Kraut monoliths, Cracked Machine and the legendary cardboard prince himself, Robert Ridley-Shackleton.

We’re incontinently excited to present the Swindon debut of Robert Ridley-Shackleton, who’s snackadelic stylings have been thrilling and confounding audiences in equal measure up and down the country for some time now. It’s always tough to predict exactly how an RRS set will play out but, rest assured, he always sprays hard, keeps it card and brings the funk from deep within.

Lumbering riffage and swirling synths abound on Cracked Machine’s recent EP and on the expanded LP version, just released. Imagine the best 30 seconds from your favourite Hawkwind jam was quantum-folded through time and space into an hour-long, atmospheric Kraut-rock monstrosity. Heads shall nod and bang with free abandon, to be sure.

Born from an egg on a mountain-top, SexJazz’ tory-bating, genre-splicing, psych-punk tomfoolery will surely beguile even the hardiest of real-ale casualties. If your melon still hasn’t been sufficiently twisted by the previous two acts, this ought to finish you off nicely.

Cost: £3

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