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Moretallica are the hardest hitting, most exciting Metallica tribute with the fastest growing reputation.
A commitment to play the music to the highest standard is what sets Moretallica above other tributes.
Capturing the raw energy of Metallica’s early career and sustaining that high intensity on the newer material results in a breathtaking show.
Formed in mid-2012, Moretallica are now winning over audiences with their versions of the best Metallica songs in venues across the UK.
Reviews include nothing but praise:
“Moretallica. No prizes for guessing whose music they were tributing. They were very good.” – MusicinLeicester
“Best Metallica tribute I’ve ever seen – and I’ve seen them all”
If you like Metallica, old or new, you’ll LOVE Moretallica!
Bang the head that doesn’t bang!


Motorboat are a musical tribute to the sound and spirit of Motorhead. The band play songs from all eras of the bands 40 years career, including rare covers that Moorhead performed.

Motorboat take every care to recreate the sounds that is distinctive to Motorhead and their three-man attack force….. they also know that they aren’t good looking enough to even try to pretend to look like Motorhead so perfecting the sound is the only option. 😉

Cost: £6 - £8

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